Our students have been achieving higher attainments in various external examinations like Maharashtra Talent Search , National Science Olympiad , International Maths Olympiad , Cyber Olympiad , English Olympiad , Mathex at Dist Level Olympiad , Govt.Drawing Grade Exam , Middle School & High School Scholarship Exams , All India USO GK Exam , Gandhi Research Foundation Exam. and various other competitive examinations. Results of these examinations are rewarding and inspiring ones.

The students of Pre-Primary and Lower Primary (I-IV) section take active part in the celebration of Janmashtami , Dahi Handi dressing up as Krishnas & Radhas; and also Santaclaus on the celebration of Christmas. Children play Dandiya Ras on the occasion of Navratri.

Every Saturday 1st period is reserved for English speaking skill gaining activity. Students get platform to speak and communicate in English and enrich their vocabulary under the proper guidance of teachers.

We celebrate various festivals & Birth Anniversaries & also observe Death Anniversaries of great leaders. Every year the cultural and entertainment programs are set to be presented in the Annual Fest. Our specialty is that we set the dances , dramas , skits and shows without the help of records , cd and dvd players or professional choreographers .All the teachers take a lot of efforts to set the activities and present live performance.