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Amrutvahini Model School and Junior College

Infrastructure and Facilities

Infrastructure and Facilities


• Four Storey School and junior college building with playground within its campus.

Learning Rooms

Infrastructure Amrutvahini Model School, Sangamner

The faculty members use every technology tool at their disposal to foster a rich and varied learning environment in the learning rooms. This includes star digital boards, audio visual systems, the Internet, and educational CDs. Every learning room also has a public address system, clocks, display and writing boards, custom made imported furniture and air conditioning.


Infrastructure Amrutvahini Model School, Sangamner

Well-equipped and modernized laboratories are available for standard IV and above. The laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Languages, and Mathematics are equipped in accordance with the specifications and standards of Maharashtra boards. All experiments will be performed under the supervision of teachers and lab assistants.

Information Technology Lab

Infrastructure Amrutvahini Model School, Sangamner

The school has two computer laboratories with Broadband Internet connection and sophisticated multimedia facilities and resources. Equipped with the latest hardware and software, our computer laboratories provide an excellent ambience and opportunity to learn and master IT skills from the basic to the advanced levels.


Infrastructure Amrutvahini Model School, Sangamner

The school has a well-resourced library with books, periodicals and a variety of other resources that can be used for research, reference and new learning. Reading is encouraged in students from a very young age, as an independent way to learn and gain knowledge. For reading pleasure there is a wide range of fiction for all age groups and reading abilities right from age 3 to 18. Library is also used for literature promotion and language support. Primary classes come to the library once a week for storytelling and a range of activities centered on literature appreciation and information literacy. In addition, students have access to periodicals, audio-visual resources, Internet facilities etc. The library also supports the archiving of the school's various learning resources and records.

Fine Arts and Music Studios

Infrastructure Amrutvahini Model School, Sangamner

Art, craft and music studios encourage students to develop a variety of interests. Special emphasis is placed on developing student’s appreciation for and involvement in various forms of drama, dance, music, art and craft as a means of self-expression and cultural enrichment. The Music Studio is equipped with a wide range of traditional and modern musical instruments providing children with a variety of learning experiences in music.

Audio Visual Education

Audio-visual education is an integral part of the school’s program, which supplements learning through charts, slides, films etc. to provide a more meaningful and active learning experience. To develop proficiency in activities like elocution and dramatics, the school has the most modern air-conditioned audio-visual centre equipped with the latest technologies to enrich and enhance the learning process. The faculty members use every technology tool at their disposal to foster a rich and varied learning environment. This includes digital boards, audiovisual systems, the Internet, and educational CDs.

School Cafeteria (For boarders only)

The School Cafeteria conforming to the highest standards of modern catering serves balanced and nutritious vegetarian snacks and lunch at break times. Special care is taken to provide students with options that are healthy, nutritious and balanced. Hygiene and strict quality control of food are a priority. Filtered drinking water is available throughout the day on each floor of the school.

Medicare Centre

The school places great importance on the health and safety of students. Suitably qualified nursing staff keeps the medical centre open throughout the school day, while the panel of doctors is available on call for any emergency. In its modern and child-friendly setting, the medical centre maintains high standards of hygiene and a well-documented system of students' health records. The medical staff arranges for routine medical treatment as well as health promotion activities such as an annual check-up, and dental and ophthalmologic camps.

School Transport

Infrastructure Amrutvahini Model School, Sangamner

The need for safe passage of each child to school and back home is of paramount importance to us. To ensure safe travel the school has its own fleet of school buses designed as per standards and manned by trained drivers and personnel sensitized to the needs of small children. The Transport Service (optional) is operated by the school and a separate transport fee is charged for this. For supervision and monitoring a transport attendant is on board throughout the journey.

Safety Features

Safety of students is of paramount significance to us. The entire building structure is Earthquake resistant and is equipped with the latest fire fighting equipments. and there is a 24x7 Building Management System installed on the ground floor of the building with CC TV cameras and alarm devices installed at all important locations. The campus is manned by efficient Security Guards throughout the year who only permit authorized access into the campus. The school has a full time DG power back up.